Wired In is a series of daily reflections from Richmond Pulse reporter Edgardo Cervano-Soto on his participation in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation launch at Harvard University and The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities campaign.

February, 27, 2012-Day 1: Downtown Los Angeles

When I first learned I would be […]

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News Report, Donny Lumpkins and Malcolm Marshall, Posted: Feb 28, 2012

By this time last year Richmond High had recorded close to 500 suspensions. This year the school, which caters to one of the poorest and most underserved student populations in the Bay Area, has halved that number through an approach inspired by the […]

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News Report, Robert Rogers | Richmond Confidential

George Mitchell stood in front of the mic, glanced at his notes, and let fly.

It’s not always easy for Richmond’s young people like Mitchell to express their feelings and their fears, especially to their peers. But Mitchell was bold, thanks in part to the supportive […]

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Reclaiming Richmond Part 1

On February 25, 2012 By

Video, Sean Shavers, Malcolm Marshall

In the first of a series of stories, Richmond Pulse reporter Sean Shavers explores the history and impact of turf violence in Richmond, CA.

Featuring Joe McCoy, Khalid Elahi, Donte Clark, D’Vondre Woodards, Andres Soto and more.

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Reportaje, Edgardo Cervano-Soto

Lilia Quiñones, residente de San Pablo desde 1984, se sienta en un sillón de felpa, escuchando las presentaciones de las personas a su alrededor mientras ella mueve su bastón en la palma de su mano. Cuando es su turno para hablar, Lilia se presenta como la abuela de una sobrina lesbiana que […]

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News Report, Edgardo Cervano-Soto

Lilia Quiñones, a San Pablo resident since 1984, sits in a plush armchair, listening to the introductions of the people around her while she toggles her walking cane in her palm. When it’s her turn to speak, Lilia introduces herself as the grandmother of a lesbian niece who wants to learn […]

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