Khalid’s Corner: Thought is Power

by Khalid Elahi

You are, what you say you are.

People are unconscious of their power. To be anything in life, you have to tell yourself what you are. It starts with saying,”I am____”

What you put after “I am” will propel you to become just that.

Every day you are working towards what, and who you think you are. Everything I ever told myself, I was. I became. It wasn’t by accident.

This rule doesn’t just work for some people; it works for everyone. Your speech is important, and words are everything. You have to erase the words “can’t” and “never.” Can’t means, insecurity. Inability. Never means, not ever, at no time.

It is my understanding that to be a winner you must release negative ideas and focus on the positive of what you can truly become.

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