Khalid’s Corner: Escaping


by Khalid Elahi


Why does letting go of the hood seem like the hardest thing for some people to do?

The attraction to SELF DESTRUCTION, the interest in the SHINE and the fascination with the ILLITERATE, is unbelievable to me.

To watch the best of the best go down a path and get murdered brings me to a question, “What makes you think you can walk that path and survive it?”

Some say there is love, loyalty and dedication in the hood. I say that’s a lie.

I saw the most disloyal, undedicated, hateful cats in the hood. It is a dream eraser and a life taker. A producer of lies, deceit, fraud, weakness, pain and sorrow.

Young people, if you get a chance to leave the hood — not by ambulance or coroner’s car but by education or occupation — then leave.

Leave to gain experience and success. If later you want to, then come back and help strengthen your hood.

This world is bigger than the block.

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