A Hate Crime Is a Hate Crime

Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson | New America Media
There isn’t much left in the way of pejoratives that haven’t been said about Vester Flanagan. He was disturbed, deranged, a psychopath, maniacal, the epitome of evil, and a flat-out nut job.


Legionnaires’ Disease Prompts Water Shut Off at San Quentin Prison

by Sukey Lewis

Officials and inmates at San Quentin State Prison in San Rafael are dealing with an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesperson Dana Simas says there is one confirmed case so far, but dozens of inmates have been sent out to local area hospitals with symptoms of the disease.


Richmond Day

By Keisa Reynolds

It’s been a century since Richmond was honored at a world’s fair in San Francisco, and 110 years since the city was incorporated on August 7, 1905.


Rosie la Remachadora – Aún Inspirando a las Mujeres en Richmond

Por Nancy DeVille | Fotos David Meza

Vinieron de todas partes del Área de la Bahía. Cientos de mujeres en overól azul marino, calcetines rojos hasta la rodilla, botas de trabajo negras y pañuelos rojos de lunares blancos. Todo para ser parte de la historia y rendir homenaje a la mujer conocida como Rosie la Remachadora.


Mobile Mechanics Get Richmond Kids Back On Their Bikes

By Malcolm Marshall | Photos By David Meza

Angel Barrientos, 11, of San Pablo likes to ride his bike at least a couple times a week. His favorite part? “Just feeling the air going on my face,” he said. But he hasn’t been able to ride for a while now, because his bike has needed repairs — the tires have holes, the inner tubes damaged from sitting in the sun.

But today Angel will see his bike fixed for free, thanks to a program that puts kids and adults back on two wheels.


Have a Headache? You Might Not Be Drinking Enough Water

Commentary, Ronvel Sharper

More than half of American children aren’t drinking enough water. That’s according to a new study by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Being under-hydrated can cause emotional and physical effects ranging from serious health problems to headaches and irritability. It can also affect your performance in school


Khalid’s Corner: Returning to the Field

by Khalid Elahi

I made my move ya’ll. After a decade in retirement I’m back on that Richmond Steeler football field and I haven’t missed a beat. I left a champion and I’m back to empower youth to reach the zenith of their potential.


How a Dreamer Fell Through The Cracks

First Person, Miguel Garcia | We’Ced

If someone asked me what the proudest moment of my life has been, without a doubt I’d say the moment I received an acceptance letter from UC Davis. I vividly recall sprinting to the garage to tell my parents the big news. Two years later, I found myself back home in Merced, deep in student debt and without a degree, reflecting on where it all went wrong.