Photo Essay, Ann Bassette

Members of the Richmond Union High School class of 1959 celebrated their 55-year reunion at a two day event at the Hilton in Concord last August. It was a chance for old friends to reconnect and share memories of their youth in what is now a much different Richmond.

The [...]

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Commentary, Melvin Willis

Back in March 2014 while I was visiting my mom at her home she suddenly lost her breath, and couldn’t catch it. Her breathing was so labored she could barely talk. An ambulance came and took her to the nearest public hospital, just 5 minutes from her house—Doctors Medical Center.

The team [...]

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by Edgardo Cervano-Soto

Teresa Jimenez, 22, found a surprising way to deal with the stress of high school.

“Honestly, I wasn’t doing so [well],” Teresa explains. “I was cutting a lot of school. There was a lot of pressure to be a certain way and I didn’t feel I could socially relate to that. I [...]

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Interviews • Edgardo Cervano-Soto | Photos • David Meza

Editor’s Note: The Richmond City Council convened a special meeting on March 12 to review the results of an independent investigation of  highly publicized accusations of neglect by the Richmond Housing Authority at the city’s public housing complexes. At the meeting, lead inspector Michael Petragallo of [...]

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Interview • Chanelle Ignant

EDITOR’S NOTE: George Livingston, Jr., age 61, the son of former Richmond Mayor George Livingston, Sr., grew up in Richmond and achieved wide success as a professional photographer of musicians and celebrities. He took some time to speak with Richmond Pulse about his photography career, the importance of Black History Month, [...]

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News Feature, Paul Kleyman | New America Media

After devoting over 20 years as a prison social worker, Fordham University researcher Tina Maschi, PhD, declared, “There’s something wrong with society when in some ways staying in prison is better than getting out. The people who are older have a much greater struggle, because [...]

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