Eduardo Martinez: My First Year on Richmond’s City Council

2016 marks Eduardo Martinez’s first year as a Richmond City Councilmember. The retired educator and community activist was elected in 2015 in a historic election in which the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) defeated a $3 million dollar Chevron-backed campaign for opposition candidates, and in the process, claimed three of the seven seats on the council.


Nature Walk Draws Out Hundreds

By Luis Cubas

Clouds couldn’t stop the annual Walk to Nature, hosted by local nonprofit YES Nature to Neighborhoods, on August 29. Nearly four hundred people came out to attend this year’s walk, designed to introduce residents of Richmond’s flatlands to the regional parks that line the city’s 32 miles of shoreline.


Three Years Later

By Tania Pulido

The memory is a vivid one for me. It was a beautiful day in Richmond; I was hanging out in my backyard in Richmond Annex when I heard sirens. My heart dropped, the first words that came out of my mouth were, “It’s not Wednesday.”