By Asani Shakur

EDITOR’S NOTE:.  A 25-year-old who grew up on the streets of Richmond decided to write this piece because of what he sees happening in his community every day. 

Barbaric. Evil. Modern-day slavery. Those are some of the words that President Barack Obama used to describe sex trafficking during a speech he delivered [...]

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Food Review, Molly Raynor

I love Richmond with all my heart. I love its resilience, its creativity, its RAW talent and radical roots. I do not, however, love the lack of healthy food options that residents of this city face on a daily basis.

The lack of healthy options is something I’ve witnessed firsthand during [...]

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Commentary,  Sonya Mann

An overwhelming number of California voters, 81 percent, supported Proposition 35 (also called the CASE Act), which expands legal protections for victims of sex trafficking, and specifies harsher punishments for their pimps. The landslide victory for the measure probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that on the surface it sounded [...]

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Blog, by Alicia Marie

My reason for watching CNN on election night was different from the majority of most Americans for the simple fact that I don’t vote, so the results didn’t really matter to me. However, I’m not ignorant of the issues or about how politics work, and I wanted to see what people [...]

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News Report, Tania Pulido

Billboards for No on Measure N, the controversial soda tax that voters here rejected on Tuesday, have been a constant image over the last several months as I rode my bike through the city. When I would stop to ask the people standing with “No” signs whether they personally opposed the [...]

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News Feature, Edgardo Cervano-Soto

“Every good story has a conflict,” says the teacher as she draws a story plot map for her students. Arleth and Saul, both 14 and freshmen at Richmond High, follow along, drawing the jagged map onto their notebooks, labeling the exposition, rising action and climax. The lesson has Arleth, Saul and [...]

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