How Much Sanity Is an Acceptance Letter Worth?

Five hours of sleep. Six hours of school. Two hours of community service because you can’t get into college unless you’ve raised money for a Third World country. Another five hours of homework because you thought you would be able to handle four AP classes.


The ‘Torment of Isolation’ – Ending Solitary Confinement for Juveniles

Commentary, Claudia Gonzalez | We’Ced

After years of litigation and protests, earlier this month California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation agreed to drastically reduce the use of solitary confinement in state prisons. But as prison and human rights advocates celebrated the victory, the legislature put on hold a bill that would have curbed the practice in the state’s juvenile detention facilities.


I Am One of Many Who ‘Fit the Description’

Commentary, Keisa Reynolds

Former tennis star James Blake was a victim of excessive force at the hands of a New York police officer. Blake was standing outside of Grand Hyatt Hotel, where he was staying for the US Open Tennis Championships, when he was unexpectedly knocked to the ground by a plainclothes officer


RYSE Center Ends Summer With a Jam

By Ronvel Sharper

The RYSE Youth Center in Richmond was filled with electric energy last month when over 200 people came out to enjoy free food and entertainment by local rappers, dancers and spoken word artists at its sixth annual Back 2 School Summer Jam.


The Science Of The Sk8

Photo Essay, David Meza

Professional skaters and novices alike explored the physics of skateboarding during the #Sk8board in2 Physics! event for teens at Richmond’s Nichol Park Aug. 22.


10 Tips to Help You Succeed in High School

by Monet Boyd

It’s September again, and for a lot of young people in Richmond, that means it’s time to start high school. Whether it’s your first year or you just want to make this year better than last year, here are a few tips I’ve compiled from my friends, family and my own experiences to help you do well


Mobile Mechanics Get Richmond Kids Back On Their Bikes

By Malcolm Marshall | Photos By David Meza

Angel Barrientos, 11, of San Pablo likes to ride his bike at least a couple times a week. His favorite part? “Just feeling the air going on my face,” he said. But he hasn’t been able to ride for a while now, because his bike has needed repairs — the tires have holes, the inner tubes damaged from sitting in the sun.

But today Angel will see his bike fixed for free, thanks to a program that puts kids and adults back on two wheels.