Interview, Malcolm Marshall

Editor’s Note: Richmond Progressive Alliance Campaign Coordinator and one time Mayoral candidate, Mike Parker spoke to Richmond Pulse reporter Malcolm Marshall about the recent election, working with Mayor-elect Tom Butt and training new leaders in Richmond.

Richmond Pulse: RPA lost in the 2012 election but came back strong this year. What was […]

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News Report, Richmond Pulse

EDITOR’S NOTE: The 2014 election in Richmond will be remembered for Chevron’s $3 million spending spree on its preferred candidates, Mayor-elect Tom Butt’s victory, outgoing councilman Corky Booze’s loss and more. But even with national news attention and high stakes for the city on the line, less than 17,000 residents voted. […]

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Story and Photos by Chanelle Ignant

Lenora Walker grew up playing basketball near Martin Luther King Park in Richmond. But when the Martin Luther King Community Center closed a few years ago, the park’s run down outdoor courts became her only option.

“All we had left were the courts here that had cracks [and] the […]

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Por  Edgardo Cervano-Soto

Brandon Clark, 25, ama estar al aire libre y conocer gente, lo que hace ideal su trabajo de encargado del Jardín Bosque Comestible en el Richmond Greenway.

“Este es el lugar perfecto para tener [un jardín comunitario] debido a todo el tráfico que entra y sale de este lugar”, dice […]

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Reportaje, Malcolm Marshall


Nat Bates, Tom Butt o Uche Uwahemu. Esas son las opciones que los votantes de Richmond se enfrentarán el 4 de noviembre cuando votarán por un nuevo liderazgo en la ciudad.

Después de ocho años el mandato de la alcaldesa Gayle McLaughlin llega a su final y búsca un puesto en […]

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Brightening Richmond Streets

On October 27, 2014 By

News Report, Nancy Deville


Richmond’s residential streets will soon look a whole lot brighter as the city’s plan to convert its streetlights to LED technology is nearing completion.

Joining a growing trend of cities switching to LED to save money and conserve energy, Richmond expects to save about $500,000 a year in maintenance and […]

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