Interview +Photos, Edgardo Cervano-Soto

Editor’s Note: Richmond mayoral candidate Mike Parker, 73, is currently a lead organizer of the Richmond Progressive Alliance and an instructor in the Electrical/Instrumentation department at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, Calif. He previously spent 37 years as an autoworker in Detroit, and holds degrees from the University of Chicago and […]

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News Feature, Malcolm Marshall

Can you form a new habit in 30 days? That’s what some community members are trying to do this February, and the new habit they want to implement is quite simple: drink water and nothing else, for an entire month.

Now in its second year, the “Be Smarter, Drink Water Campaign” […]

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Black History Is All Around Us

On February 17, 2014 By

Commentary • Keyannie Norford

February is Black History Month, the shortest month of the year, but nevertheless a month where African Americans can celebrate the history and successes of other African Americans, past and present. Yet even today, our k-12 public schools seem intent on keeping Black history to a minimum.

During my own high […]

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News Report, Sukey Lewis and Asha DuMonthier | New America Media


RICHMOND, Calif. — There’s a good old-fashioned muckraker’s war going on in Richmond, Calif., and Chevron’s “community-driven” news site Richmond Standard is the latest fighter to step into the ring.

This sprawling city east of San Francisco is home to Chevron’s oil refinery, which […]

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Raw Talent’s Second Verse

On February 11, 2014 By

By  Edgardo Cervano-Soto

Growing up in North Richmond, Donte Clark, like many residents, relied on corner stores for groceries. The small “mom and pop” shops were a lifeline for many. “A lot of us grew up on convenience stores — the food they brought, the social life,” says Clark. “The stores represent the heart […]

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Try to Understand Me

On February 10, 2014 By

Poetry • Donte Clark


When them ships had departed from the mother land

For most of us

Our feet will never grip

The soil of Africa again

And that’s why we’re here

Fear struck



From a lifestyle of silk


From them streets outlined in stone

With gold under our feet

On […]

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