Photo Essay, YouthWire

Editor’s Note: California’s recently enacted Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), in effect since July 1, will continue to increase funding for school districts over the next eight years. The greatest increases will go to districts with large populations of “high need” – low-income, foster youth and English Language Learner (ELL) – [...]

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Photo Essay • David Meza

Last month, Pogo Park, a nonprofit community effort to improve parks in the Iron Triangle neighborhood, hosted a tour of its project sites in Richmond for park department board members, their families and friends. It was the first in a series of tours that will take place in early 2014 [...]

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OP-ED • DeVone Boggan

Richmond, CA has experienced another consecutive year of historic declines in violence. The City marked its lowest homicide rate in 33 years in 2013.

While we should celebrate this milestone with great exuberance, the media coverage about this success has been shortsighted. The police officers in Richmond certainly deserve recognition, but [...]

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Por Luis Cubas

Ya conoces el refrán: “Eres lo que comes”. El problema es que no siempre tenemos una opción. En muchas partes de Richmond, los alimentos orgánicos y frescos pueden ser muy difíciles de conseguir, pero la comida chatarra es abundante – una tienda de la esquina o en un restaurante de comida rápida [...]

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RP Editors

At her last Meet With the Mayor session of 2013, on December 20, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin led a moment of reflection to honor the 16 lives lost to homicide in Richmond this year. A small group gathered in a room at the Richmond Public Library, and with a candle burning in the center [...]

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News Analysis, Paul Kleyman New America Media

“Facts on Ethnic Elders” is a monthly column on research findings about ethnic elders present and future. It is supported by a grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies.

“People of color face particularly severe challenges in preparing for retirement,” states a new report titled, “Race and Retirement Insecurity in [...]

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