By Antoinette J. Evans

If all goes according to plan, Richmond public schools — and the students they serve — will have something positive to look forward to, this fall and beyond.

Back in 2010, California’s State Board of Education voted to adopt a new set of federal academic guidelines referred to as [...]

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News Report • Susan Ferriss, The Center for Public Integrity

Minors with mental health problems and other disabilities are held in “unconscionable conditions” of 23-hour solitary confinement and deliberately cut off from education and other rehabilitation at a San Francisco Bay Area juvenile hall, alleges a lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Northern [...]

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Profile, Pendarvis Harshaw

In 2008, Reinaldi Gilder promised himself that he would never go back to jail. Since his release in December of that year, he’s not only managed to keep his word, he has also shown others that they can do the same.

“Being on probation [is] kind of like being Black in the [...]

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by Adrienne Chaney

For Here Or To Go, a feature film being shot this summer in San Francisco and other locations across the Bay Area, is a commanding portrayal of the trials and challenges confronting Indian immigrants to the U.S., representing a first for the silver screen. And the story is being told at the [...]

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Photo Essay, Luis Cubas

For most, the word “anniversary” evokes memories of happy times. But on August 6th, the word took on an entirely different meaning in Richmond. It was on that date last year that a huge black cloud was seen pluming out of the Chevron Refinery, which was the byproduct of a massive [...]

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By Edgardo Cervano-Soto

For over 100 years, the histories of Richmond and Chevron have been intertwined, to the extent that they sometimes seem like reflections of one another — rival siblings who share the same DNA yet can’t stop squabbling.

Last summer the relationship was strained once again, due to the Chevron refinery explosion [...]

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