Interview, Malcolm Marshall

Editors Note: Jeff Ritterman, 64, is a retired cardiologist and former Richmond City Council member. Ritterman was a driving force behind Measure N, which would have imposed a city tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. Otherwise known as the “soda tax,” the measure was voted down in last November’s election.

Richmond Pulse: Where is [...]

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News Report • Donny Lumpkins and Peter Schurmann

For years Gregory Greer has gotten up in the early morning hours to make the 15-mile trip from his home in Vallejo to his job as a property manager in nearby Richmond. A renter, Greer and his wife, Wynona, say owning a home in Richmond would be [...]

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News Report • Edgardo Cervano-Soto

It took five years of community organizing, government meetings, and filling out grant applications, but the Elm Playlot on 7th and Elm Street is on track to become one of the most innovative parks in the City of Richmond.

Pogo Park, a grassroots non-profit in Richmond, has been overseeing [...]

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Commentary, David Cunningham, New America Media

Ed. Note: In June, youth advocates testified before a hearing of the Senate Public Safety Committee in Sacramento in support of AB 1006, which would require court and probation officers to inform youth offenders of how to seal their records upun turning 18. The bill is currently awaiting approval [...]

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Documento Fotográfico, Salud y Ambiente de Richmond

Cientos de miembros de la comunidad salieron a la tercera anual Major Taylor Bike Fiesta en la primaria Lincoln el 1˚ de junio. La fiesta de bicicletas incluyo comida gratis, reparaciones a bicicletas, rifas de bicicletas, cascos, rodeos de bicicletas, un santuario de salud y bastantes actividades familiares. [...]

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Photo Essay • Luis Cubas

For most, the word “anniversary” evokes memories of happy times. But on August 6th, the word took on an entirely different meaning in Richmond. It was on that date last year that a huge black cloud was seen pluming out of the Chevron Refinery, the byproduct of a massive explosion [...]

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