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Park It column by Ned MacKay, East Bay Regional Park District

It looks like this is a great time to go fishing in East Bay Regional Park District lakes, and here’s why: the park district has just planted more rainbow trout than ever before.

In December the district added a total of 23,000 pounds of [...]

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Op-Ed, Jovanka Beckles, Richmond Councilmember

The Housing Element of the General Plan will be coming before the Council on Tuesday January 15. This element is a forward looking document which reflects well on the City and, if passed, would be of tremendous help to the people of Richmond.

The element includes four issues that [...]

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Commentary, Jazmyne Z. Young, Asani Shakur

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following two film reviews offer competing perspectives on Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” a movie about a former slave who sets out to free his wife from bondage and exact revenge on a sadistic Mississippi slave owner.

‘Django’ Criticisms Are Predictable, Misguided
By Jazmyne Z. [...]

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Question & Answer, Lani Conway, New America Media

Editor’s Note: At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, 26-year-old filmmaker Ryan Coogler makes his feature debut with “Fruitvale,” a drama inspired by the real-life killing of Oscar Grant by Bay Area Rapid Transit police on New Year’s Day, 2009. With big-name participation by producer Forest Whitaker and [...]

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Blog / Commentary by Asani Shakur

The Connecticut school shooting is such a tragedy, but I find it ironic because things like this have happened a lot in our community — maybe not 20 kids at a time, but one kid killed is one too many.

The killing of children shouldn’t happen on [...]

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