Teachers Who Changed My Life

On April 16, 2013 By

Commentary, Various Authors

David Meza:

At my high school, Omega Continuation High School, there were only three teachers: Roland Nazar, Mary Zolly and Margaret Love. They were all great in their own way. We had school baseball games and BBQs where everyone had fun – we were like one big family.

The teachers all taught [...]

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Commentary • Sean Shavers

Editor’s Note: A recent study from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows that American youth are still eating too much fast food, and that the young adult African American population is of particular concern when it comes to obesity rates. The author of the following commentary, Sean Shavers, 21, lives [...]

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News Report • Viji Sundaram

SAN FRANCISCO – Alrededor de un 75 por ciento de los trabajadores agrícolas contratados en los Estados Unidos carecen de seguro de salud, la proporción más alta de cualquier categoría ocupacional principal.

Más del 90 por ciento de ellos son nacidos en el extranjero (la mayor parte de México), jóvenes, [...]

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RP Editors

On April 5 a public meeting called by State Senators Loni Hancock and Mark DeSaulnier took place at the Richmond Memorial Civic Center to review what caused the Chevron fire and explosion last August. Federal investigators who attended the review determined that neglect by Chevron led directly to the catastrophe. Investigators [...]

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News Feature, Edgardo Cervano-Soto

Jael Myrick’s appointment to the Richmond City Council brought a fitting end to a city election cycle dominated by insider politics and affiliations. Fitting because Myrick, a charismatic and unassuming 27 year-old, was able to secure his seat while staying above the fray of Richmond’s combative politics. In fact, he [...]

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News Analysis • Antoinette Evens

Public schools in California will no longer be ranked strictly by student performance on standardized test scores but by a number of other factors such as student readiness for college and the workplace, and other criteria that are yet to be determined by the State of California. The fact that [...]

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