Khalid’s Corner: Two-parts

On January 26, 2015 By

Wisdom from Community Leader, Khalid Elahi


Staying alive is a two-part thing; it’s GOD and it’s you.

We all have a choice and that’s part of why we pray, so that GOD would add protection to us while we are living out our choices.

I used to risk my life in the same fashion […]

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Commentary, Asani Shakur

“Sorority Sisters” was a recent reality show on VH1 that showcased different African American women’s Greek life in Atlanta, Ga. The concept of the show was to see if bringing together sisters from different sororities would lead to unity or animosity. The program quickly created controversy over its negative portrayal of African […]

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Rich City Fashion

On January 23, 2015 By

Photo Essay, Chanelle Ignant and David Meza

Joggers or skinny jeans? Snapbacks or bucket hats? If you’re wondering what the hot fashion trends are in Richmond right now and where can you get in on the action, look no further. On a recent afternoon at the RYSE Youth Center a group of fashion conscious models […]

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Incoming Chair of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Vernon Whitmore, sat down with newly elected councilmember Jael Myrick to discuss the council’s vacant seat, the prospects for district elections in Richmond and the future for Richmond Promise—Myrick’s pet project to help every Richmond youth go to college.


Vernon Whitmore: You won your […]

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Seeing Gardens in the Blight

On January 20, 2015 By

Photo Essay, Luis Cubas

Richmond is a city plagued with blight. While some areas are revitalized, too many lots are left empty throughout neighborhoods—standing out like gaps in a crooked smile.

While out on a walk down California Avenue, in the North and East neighborhood near Richmond High School, I passed three large lots in […]

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by Joanna Pulido

The teacher smiled and held a hat as a line of about a dozen students looked at each other nervously. Inside the hat were small pieces of paper with each student’s name. Luck would determine who would be part of the class, and who would have to continue the search.

Those of […]

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