10 Tips to Help You Succeed in High School

by Monet Boyd

It’s September again, and for a lot of young people in Richmond, that means it’s time to start high school. Whether it’s your first year or you just want to make this year better than last year, here are a few tips I’ve compiled from my friends, family and my own experiences to help you do well



A Hate Crime Is a Hate Crime

Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson | New America Media
There isn’t much left in the way of pejoratives that haven’t been said about Vester Flanagan. He was disturbed, deranged, a psychopath, maniacal, the epitome of evil, and a flat-out nut job.



Legionnaires’ Disease Prompts Water Shut Off at San Quentin Prison

by Sukey Lewis

Officials and inmates at San Quentin State Prison in San Rafael are dealing with an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesperson Dana Simas says there is one confirmed case so far, but dozens of inmates have been sent out to local area hospitals with symptoms of the disease.