Richmond’s Secret Art Gallery

Photos  and Text by Karina Guadalupe

When I need some time to myself  I walk along the shoreline trail at Miller Knox Park in Point Richmond.  I’ve been going to this park for a couple years now, most of the time by myself but sometimes with a close friend.  There is an abandoned building that can be seen from far away.  Looking at it the building from the outside it is hard to imagine the magnificent works of art that are created inside.

Graffiti artists are usually portrayed as criminals and vandals when they are really just expressing themselves creatively. Many graffiti artist come out here to do what they do best, “write on walls.” Their art is enjoyed by the few people who know that is there. It is easy to tell that the artists take pride in what they do and that most of them are from or live in Richmond. I like knowing there is so much talent in here, even though it’s rarely recognized.

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