Summer Dance Party Celebrating Healthy Eating and Active Living

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Summertime provides the opportunity to get outdoors and be active. However, Richmond’s city streets don’t always conjure up the image of physical activity the same way a tree-filled park or shoreline does. This summer, a diverse group of Iron Triangle residents has been bucking the trend by coming up with ways to get exercise and be healthy in their own neighborhood – and they’re fired up about the way it’s making them feel.

“I enjoy coming together with other people in the community sharing healthy meals and being active together,” stated Helida Solorio. Helida and the other members of her Health and Wellness Committee have been learning all about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise for the past several months thanks to workshops and presentations provided by members of the Healthy Eating, Active Living, or HEAL collaborative.

Demetria Saunders, of Youth Enrichment Strategies (YES), facilitates the group on behalf of HEAL.
“When I asked the committee what they would like to do this summer, they brainstormed several ideas about being active which didn’t require having to drive somewhere. Yoga, swimming at the Plunge, a walk to Richmond’s Miller/Know Regional Park, and a dance are some of the things they came up with” stated Demetria.

Committee members have been organizing the dance for the past month and a half and are excited to get the word out to other residents. “We wanted to have fun, play some tunes, and get our groove on,” long-time resident Doris Mason explained. “This is a way to bring our community out of their homes to build relationships and break a little sweat.”

The dance will be held on August 3rd from 5:00pm – 8:00pm at Lillie Mae Jones Garden located at 257 6th Street in Richmond. In addition to dancing, it will include fun activities for the entire family.

It is free and committee members are encouraging both parents and youth to attend. Healthy snacks and beverages will be sold for a modest fee.

If you are interested in joining the Iron Triangle resident Health and Wellness Committee, or have suggestions about how to promote health and wellness in your neighborhood, please contact YES and Demetria Saunders at 510-232-3032.

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