RAW Talent Presents “Po’ Boys Kitchen”

A Spoken Word Theater Piece by Richmond Youth,
March 7th & 8th at De Anza High School Theater

“Po’Boys Kitchen” is a spoken word theater piece written, directed, and produced by Richmond youth. The central character of this show is the corner store itself, a Black-owned, family business in the heart of Richmond that provides a place of refuge for those looking to escape their harsh realities. Through the daily drama of life inside Po’Boys, we hear the stories of the downtrodden characters who are so often overlooked and unheard- the homeless, the prostitute the drug dealers, the crack addicts. Some come for Po’Boys’ signature butter-me-up-cornbread and Big Mama’s southern lemonade, comfort food that generations of their families have been raised on. Some stop in to talk trash, crack jokes, or gossip about daily news. Some come seeking wisdom and redemption, a clean slate where they can re-write themselves. For most people, Po’Boys is more than a convenient store, but a place that saved their lives. This show centers in on what it means to be family, how to forgive and move forward, and how a community can heal itself through hard work and love.

We will be having a “Po’Boys Kitchen” fundraiser and sneak peek of the play from 7-9pm on Saturday, December 7th at the Maple Hall Community Center (13831 San Pablo Ave). Save the date and get ready for an evening of delicious soul food, music, poetry, theater and more!

For more information contact RAW Talent Coordinator Molly Raynor at (734) 395-5899

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