Finding Peace at Point Pinole

Photo Essay • Zaira Sierra

One place in Richmond that I appreciate is Point Pinole Regional Shoreline. It has been a great place for me to relax, be inspired, and stay healthy. I started visiting the park when I moved back to Richmond in 2009. At first it was just a place where I could take my dogs for their daily walk, but slowly it started to become my sanctuary. Every time I visit the park I discover new activities and favorite spots. I also learn new things about myself.

It is convenient for me to visit Point Pinole because it is within walking distance of my house. It is always an adventure walking to the park; I have to resist the force of my dog’s excitement as he tugs on his leash the whole way there. Our walk gradually turns into a jog as soon as we cross the bridge going into the park. At the end of the bridge you can choose which trail to take; our direction is determined by my dog’s nose, and I assume it’s the one with the most interesting scent!

Whether we take a left and jog along the water, or take a right and find ourselves surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees, it is always a pleasant experience. The amazing views have helped me feel more at peace, and when I am there I usually take time to reflect and set goals for myself. I never run out of things to do. I can exercise, or I can walk down to the pier and watch people fish, or I can bring a book and sit on a bench facing the ocean.

If you are looking for a place to visit in Richmond, I highly recommend going to Point Pinole. You will fall in love with the beautiful views, and you will be able to enjoy a walk by yourself or with great company. You might discover a new place for your exercise routine or for your next family barbeque.

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is located at 5551 Giant Highway in Richmond. The easiest way to access the park is by car, but public transportation is also available; the bus to take is the 71 going toward Richmond Parkway. An alternative option would be to ride your bike, but the streets on the way there are not all bike-friendly.
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