With Influence Comes Responsibility

Khalid’s Corner • Khalid Elahi

I value life so much more now. I reminisce back on my younger days, how I used to play with my life — I kept it on the line, all the time. Power, dominance and control were traits that I picked up from nursing on the streets. I became a bad influence to my younger sibling, by bringing the hood virus inside my mother’s house. When you do things like that, you pay. It might be years on down the line, but you got to pay.

What happened was, that same virus turned around and killed my own brother. Now I’m left with only memories. I would give up everything to see him, just one more time. How do you replace that life? You can’t. You learn to live with it. How? Well it’s a process.

So to those that have the power to influence others, do so wisely.

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