Art Center Tours Unveil its Possibilities

Photo Essay, Malcolm Marshall

Children and families explored their creative spirits together by seeing and making art at a bilingual art tour hosted by the Richmond Art Center March 7.

Lauren Ari, a teacher at the art center, led the group of about 10 on a guided tour of the center’s galleries, along with a hands-on art-making activity. Children’s ages ranged from 3 to 8.

“We go through all the different studios,” Ari said, “so they’re in the metal studio and the painting studio and the weaving and clay… and we talk about all the different ways of making art.”

The group consisted of all first-time visitors, said Ari, who noted that many Richmond resident still need to learn about the art center and all it has to offer. She said she hopes the monthly tours, presented in conjunction with the nearby Richmond Public Library, will bring more people to the center.

“People can get some books, then come over here and see an art show or take a class,” Ari said.

Local resident Rich Robb, who attended with his wife and daughter, said they had never been inside in the center until the tour, and found himself pleasantly surprised.

“The best part of today is seeing all the possibilities here, for classes and to be able to make things,” Robb said. “The fact they have free classes is excellent. It’s a good place for the community.”

Ari agreed.

“It can be intimidating,” she said. “The tour is a way to make art come alive for everyone. This is their art center, this is our community’s art center and it’s free. You can come and see a show for free. We have classes and scholarships. It’s a way to bring everybody in.”

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