Khalid’s Corner: Once They’re Gone

Words of wisdom from community elder, Khalid Elahi

Every day that I wake up, I feel blessed because so many people I know will never see the light of day again. Some of these people truly made my day and meant the world to me, but while they were here, I’m afraid to admit that I took some of them for granted, thinking that they would always be here. I missed the opportunity to say that final, “I love you,” or spend that last meaningful time with them. 

It’s now 7:00 am. I’m looking out of my window and all I see is gray skies with a looming storm ahead. Today is the type of day that lets me know that I am a human. I walk through the Valley on a daily basis, confident and capable, but sometimes, like today, I am reminded of loss. The bitter taste of loss leaves lingering memories in your mind. 

Hold on to your children, brother, sister or family with all your might. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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