Khalid’s Corner: In 2018, It’s All About Handling Your Business


Words of wisdom from community leader, Khalid Elahi

I’m glad we understand that the time for gambling with our lives is past. Disregarding ones personal safety and life with the moves and decisions one makes is no longer an option. Because, for all of us – especially African Americans – the deck is stacked against us.

The question you need to constantly ask yourself is: What would happen if I make this decision, or this move?

Life will be harder for you the older you get if you aren’t prepared with a defense against negativity and the commandments of the hood. You’ll no longer have youth on your side and that’s when some people stop fighting to live, be successful and advance.

Handling your business is always the first order of business.

This isn’t know-it-all advice or some valuable information that I offer up but don’t live by. I learned a lot by actually getting burned in the streets. I learned how hot that fire burns. It spreads and you can die. I could have learned the same lessons by simply listening when warnings came my way.

2018 is here and we need to be ready for it.

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