Spend Some Time in the Dark

By Khalid Elahi

Most people do things so others can see them.

But like developing film from a camera, some of the best work happens in the dark, where your best efforts and sacrifices are unseen and go unnoticed.

It can go that way until it’s time for the red carpet and bright lights. That’s when it’s time to showcase what you’ve been doing in the dark.

You saw the GOAT Jerry Rice on game day, but you didn’t see how he trained. He was working when you weren’t looking. His best work wasn’t televised, it was unseen by everyone. That’s where winners are produced.

It’s all about levels. When you can get to the next one, you leave everything else behind — family, friends, or anyone that’s not thinking like you — if you’re strong enough. If you’re weakened enough, they’ll bring you back down with them.

I’ve left the [fake] individuals behind that were posing as friends, and it was easy to do because, when I made the necessary moves for improvement, they didn’t move with me.

I felt relieved.  The weight had been lifted. Now, it’s just the chosen few.

We all we got.

We all we need.

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