First, the Good News

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Editor’s Note: These days there’s enough bad news going around, so Richmond Pulse asked students at Contra Costa College to give us good news — and good news only.

“I recently reconnected with my mom. We have been separated from each other since she moved to Kansas in October. We hadn’t seen each other face-to-face or talked, but now we text, call and try to talk more.”

— Delexis Bynum, biology major

“I enjoy working with the Richmond Police Academy League and other community groups. We raise money for kids to get bikes and gifts. I also volunteer in soup kitchens. Doing charity work has made me feel more part of the community.”

— Brandon Martinez, undecided

“My non-fiction and fiction writing, I put a lot of time into it. I mostly write fan fiction. I can make characters, universes and anything that I want with it. It is a stress-reliever too.”

— Makaley Wilson, English major

“I am proud of achieving inner confidence. In class, I have been outspoken to my classmates and formed relationships through it. I am able to speak my mind to new people whether in it is a group or a crowd. I have been able to put myself out there and be me.”

— Fatima Carrasco, English major

“I’ve improved my time management, because I got very busy this year. You gotta keep taking next steps in your life so you will always be doing something more. You gotta know how to confront these situations to be able to progress. I have seen that when I manage my time right I find time to work and make money. But, more importantly, I get time to kick it with friends and family.”

— Robin Jasso, culinary arts major

“I love my training my dog. My dog is a husky, and we usually run with other huskies. He has been trained to be a pack leader during these runs. I am proud that we are able to bond like that.”

— Luis Cortes, journalism major

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