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Staying Home Gives Us Time for Old Friends and New Hobbies

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“Watching anime nonstop after a while just makes you want to start giving it a whirl,” writes Ronvel Sharper of how he’s been inspired to get creative with his time during the pandemic. (Ryan Yao on Unsplash)

By Ronvel Sharper

Ever since the coronavirus hit the U.S., many have been forced to undergo drastic changes to their social lives.

People have gone to many different media to keep themselves entertained, whether it is television, gaming or even prolonged use of social media. People have adapted to a more “inside” way of life.

As we all may already know, many have been ignoring health orders to stay home. Why? Well, as Baruch Fischhoff of Carnegie Mellon University told the Atlantic, many people might believe “it isn’t in my area yet, so it must be safe to go out!” Fischoff also said we underestimate how rapidly disease can multiply; our intuitions aren’t always right. According to the World Health Organization, the number of coronavirus cases was 213 on March 9, yet six days later it was already a staggering 1,678 in the U.S. According to Atlantic reporter Joe Pinsker, Fischoff wondered if political negligence also played a factor in many Americans ignoring the coronavirus.

Regardless of the reasons why people may have continued pursuing their short-term happiness, what exactly can one do at home? I genuinely didn’t know what to do, especially because the majority of my life was out and about, shopping, chatting with friends at a place to eat.

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But as the pandemic revved up, I found myself reestablishing friendships with those I had not talked to in a long time. I have learned some friendships time cannot wash away. No matter how much time has passed, some people can enjoy each other’s company just the same as years ago. Through a screen or in person, it doesn’t matter. A smile and a “what’s up?” can go a long way.

Having someone to chat with can really help kill time, and if you are a bit lonely like me, you’d definitely enjoy the company. Perhaps you have some friends you haven’t spoken to in a while? Why not shoot them a message and see if you guys can have a fun time? I can tell you that gaming with an old friend is as refreshing as a glass of water in a scorching hot resort — without the absurdly high price.

I am also trying my hand in art. Mainly anime-style art. It is quite fun to let the creative process take you anywhere; however, I still draw like a toddler, so I am not bragging about how good I am any time soon. But I can tell you that watching anime nonstop after a while just makes you want to start giving it a whirl. If the show is really good and I genuinely enjoy the storyline, then I’d definitely want to try writing my own. Or think about writing one anyway — thinking about what if scenarios can really be fun, especially if you have a community to talk about your ideas with. Perhaps someone is a writer in our midst?

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Perhaps most important, I have spent this time reflecting on myself. Reflection is a very powerful move to make at any point in our lives. It is important to look back on our past and acknowledge our mistakes.

No one is perfect, and I am sure we’ve all had that time in our lives where we couldn’t sleep because that one horrible moment made us cringe. It’s embarrassing, but that’s life; we sometimes do things we regret. Sometimes, it pays to relax and think about the things we’ve gone through. It especially helps when you’re a college student, and imposter syndrome is eating you from the inside. Just remember why you’re here, how you got there, and never forget who you are. We all have a purpose.

Getting into hobbies can really make or break your experience in quarantine. If you constantly feel like you do not have anything to do, perhaps you are burned out in your current hobbies and need something more to spice up your home life. Gaming is fun, that is a given. But as a gamer myself, I can tell you that after a while it does get quite repetitive. You get burned out especially if you are on your own. If possible, play with friends, get back into another hobby you have not indulged in as of late, or maybe even get yourself a new hobby altogether. We have many untold talents; we do not recognize them because we are mostly living a life of mediocrity and repetitiveness. Try to break that cycle and focus on becoming a better person for yourself and those around you.

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