American Bilingualism

Bilingualism in the United States, however, is a perplexing proposition. At best, it is often incorrectly correlated with English as a Second Language (ESL), an educational identification to assist beginners or new immigrants, and a support service available in many school districts. At worst, speaking other languages, besides English, is regarded suspiciously as perpetual foreignness, represented in heavily-accented caricatures.


Residents Voice Hope, Concern Over New Continuation School

District officials are hoping the merger of two West Contra Costa schools into a new high school with more academic and behavioral resources will give students the edge they need to succeed. But the move in September to combine Gompers and North Campus continuation high schools into the new Sylvester Greenwood Academy has some Richmond community members concerned about potential gang violence.


How Much Sanity Is an Acceptance Letter Worth?

Five hours of sleep. Six hours of school. Two hours of community service because you can’t get into college unless you’ve raised money for a Third World country. Another five hours of homework because you thought you would be able to handle four AP classes.


10 Tips to Help You Succeed in High School

by Monet Boyd

It’s September again, and for a lot of young people in Richmond, that means it’s time to start high school. Whether it’s your first year or you just want to make this year better than last year, here are a few tips I’ve compiled from my friends, family and my own experiences to help you do well


How a Dreamer Fell Through The Cracks

First Person, Miguel Garcia | We’Ced

If someone asked me what the proudest moment of my life has been, without a doubt I’d say the moment I received an acceptance letter from UC Davis. I vividly recall sprinting to the garage to tell my parents the big news. Two years later, I found myself back home in Merced, deep in student debt and without a degree, reflecting on where it all went wrong.