Where Do You Feel Safe in Richmond?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The shooting deaths of a 14, 15 and 21–year-old in Richmond this month have rocked the community and have youth advocates and community leaders looking for answers. In light of the recent killings, Richmond Pulse asked young people where they felt most safe and where they felt least safe. Here is what they had to say.


Residents, Officials Unveil Yellow Brick Road Play Street

Richmond nonprofit Pogo Park, Iron Triangle residents and city officials celebrated the grand opening of the Yellow Brick Road Play Street last week, which includes a series of parks, walking paths and a roundabout that all intersect at Eighth Street and Elm Avenue. The celebration represented the official unveiling of the street, designed to be a “yellow brick”-guided safe zone for walking and playing.


How Would You Love Your Block?

Richmond, CA is one of seven cities nationwide to plan and implement Love Your Block, a three-year initiative to engage community members in revitalizing their neighborhoods one block at a time.

In January 2016, The City of Richmond will begin disbursing grant funds of up to $1,000 for winning projects from community members and organizations that create a vibrant, more livable Richmond.


Nature Walk Draws Out Hundreds

By Luis Cubas

Clouds couldn’t stop the annual Walk to Nature, hosted by local nonprofit YES Nature to Neighborhoods, on August 29. Nearly four hundred people came out to attend this year’s walk, designed to introduce residents of Richmond’s flatlands to the regional parks that line the city’s 32 miles of shoreline.